Privacy Policy


When agreeing with this privacy policy you acknowledge that we may gather and process ‘personal data’, ‘financial data’ or ‘demographic and user data’ (defined below as ‘the Data’) in connection with your purchase and use of our websites. By purchasing a product from us, making use of our services and/or making use of our websites, you agree to this privacy policy and the General Terms and Conditions. If you cannot agree to this, you should not purchase any products from us and/or make use of our services and/or websites. Because we attach great value to our client’s privacy we have adopted a separate privacy policy, which forms an integral part of Adsaints’s General Terms and Conditions.

Information gathering We gather and process ‘personal data’ (data that will be used for the performance of the agreement, such as your full name, residential and postal address and e-mail address), or ‘demographic and user data’ (information that you provide, or that we gather, which is neither personal or financial in nature, but which is necessary for the proper functioning and payment of our products and services, such as the date of commencement and term of your agreement). Such information that is gathered by us may be kept and processed in the country where we or the companies affiliated with us in a group have made arrangements. By purchasing a product from us, making use of our services and/or making use of our websites, you agree to a cross-border exchange of your Data.

18 or older It may happen that we gather personal data of users without being aware that they have not yet reached the age of 18. This data will be deleted as soon as this becomes apparent.

Data usage We shall use your personal data for our customer service, the performance of the agreement, the provision of services, for the purpose of answering questions, processing transactions and sending offers, improvements and promoting our products and services. We may also use your personal data to contact you about the use of our websites and/or services and products or about amendments to our privacy policy, the General Terms and Conditions and/or other terms and conditions that relate to our relationship with you. We may further use your Data to improve the content and navigation of our websites or for other internal purposes. We wish to advise that any removal of your personal data or alterations in your favor will not take effect immediately because we need some time to process them. We use data that cannot be tracked back to any natural person for internal purposes, to help us in offering our products and services and for interaction with visitors to our websites. We also reserve the right to individualize data that cannot be traced back to any natural person, to adapt our services for you and to send you targeted advertisements based on keyword searches. We may also combine the Data that we gather from third parties or data that is generally available with your Data.

We may engage and use third parties to help us effect the transaction, such as by authorizing your transactions, and we may share this data with these parties for limited purposes. If we are sold to or merge with another company or are declared insolvent, some or all of the data gathered about you will be passed on to a third party. Lastly, we may provide your Data to certain parties if so required by law or if our security, the security of users of the services and products and/or of the websites is guaranteed in this way.

Cookies In order to enhance your experience of the websites, we may make use of cookies on them. Cookies are files that we transfer to the hard drive of your computer via our Web browser to enable our systems to recognize your browser and provide certain characteristics to your computer. Cookies in themselves cannot reveal anything about your e-mail address or other personal data, unless you choose to provide this data to us, for instance by registering via the websites. However, once you have been one of our clients and provided us with personal data, this data will be linked to the data that is stored in the cookie. We therefore use cookies to support your use of the websites and improve the content, products and services on our websites. We may, for instance, use cookies to personalize your visit to our websites (e.g. by recognizing you when you revisit our websites). You can adjust your browser settings so as to refuse our cookies or those of other website providers. Consult the ‘Help’ section of your browser for more information. Please note, however, that some pages of our websites can only be accessed with the help of cookies or similar files and blocking cookies or similar files may therefore prevent you from accessing some of our content or services. Link to other websites The websites may contain links to other websites. We have no control over such websites and are not responsible or liable for the availability thereof or for the content, advertisements, products or other material that are stored on these websites. Adsaints cannot be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss resulting from or caused by another user with regard to the aforementioned. Your access to and use of the linked websites, including their content, is entirely at your own risk.

Security Although we shall do our utmost to protect your information, we cannot guarantee that the information you send via us is completely secure. The protection of your data is of great importance to us. We use the best industrial technology to guarantee the security of your information. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a 100% assurance that data transfer via the Internet and the mobile communication network is safe.

Accessing data Adsaints gives you the opportunity to review or delete personal information that you have provided to us or to change your preferences by sending an e-mail to  [email protected], in which you indicate whether you wish to remove your data from our database, opt out from receiving communication from us or opt out from receiving communication from third parties. Deleting data or opting out from receiving communication from us or third parties will only ensure that the data is removed from our database for the purpose of stopping future communication from us and these third parties. This deletion does not relate to the information that has already been gathered and possibly shared with third parties in a manner as described in this privacy policy. We advise you to contact these third parties directly to delete the personal data that they have possibly used to make contact with you.

Amendments We reserve the right to be able to amend, extend or limit this privacy policy and the General Terms and Conditions at any time. As all amendments will be made on these pages, we advise you to read through them on a regular basis.

Contact You can contact us by e-mail with all questions and/or comments concerning our privacy policy. This privacy policy was last amended in January 2012. Our e-mail address [email protected]. This can also be found in the Promotional Terms and Conditions.